Tuesday, August 25, 2009

{White Tuesday}


"These frames - decorate and emphasize the objects held within.
Turn flowers, books, keys, jewelry, articles of clothing,
and other ordinary objects into works of art".

Very charming and wonderful idea to personalize
your decor.. love it!


The Romanticism shop in Hangzhou, China by SAKO Architects
Romanticism is a women’s clothing brand with about 500 stores in China
"Clothes are what being cut and made of two-dimensional fabric
and wrap up
three-dimensional body. It started with the idea of adjusting
temperature and
later grew up into the second skin. Spaces also wrap up body,
adjusting temperature. However being different from clothes,space cannot move.
‘Clothes like space’ or
‘Space like clothes’ is what we tried to express".
See more photos of the store at comtemporist