Monday, August 31, 2009

{First attempt}

{Can you imagine..}

Picture source- Veranda

..having own gondola at home?.. ahhh...


These bags and finger puppets are so cute!! you can find them in Zigouis web store..
Barbara Berrada is also a freelance artist and creator of 'les Zigouis'..
I love her simple almost child like style illustrations..

Thursday, August 27, 2009

{Anna's bears}

Keepsake box and picture frame

These are sketches for the bear product I created 2years ago..
They are special to me because it's my first royalty product..
They are done in resin but their finish look like carved wood..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

{Timeless paper}

Timeless paper

I love this place cards.. They are simple and elegant.. You can
purchase these at the etsy store called 'Timeless paper"..
Click on the link below the photo!

{Ribbon coat rack!}


"Inspired by a Ribbon blowing in the wind, Ribbon is a wall-mounted coat rack."
functional piece of art!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

{White Tuesday}


"These frames - decorate and emphasize the objects held within.
Turn flowers, books, keys, jewelry, articles of clothing,
and other ordinary objects into works of art".

Very charming and wonderful idea to personalize
your decor.. love it!


The Romanticism shop in Hangzhou, China by SAKO Architects
Romanticism is a women’s clothing brand with about 500 stores in China
"Clothes are what being cut and made of two-dimensional fabric
and wrap up
three-dimensional body. It started with the idea of adjusting
temperature and
later grew up into the second skin. Spaces also wrap up body,
adjusting temperature. However being different from clothes,space cannot move.
‘Clothes like space’ or
‘Space like clothes’ is what we tried to express".
See more photos of the store at comtemporist

Monday, August 24, 2009


project sleepless
This blanket is designed by Tiago da Fonseca, has several sheets
containing a traditional bedtime stories.. This is a
student project from Royal College of Art's and it's not out
in the market for sale unfortunately..

{Anti-theft lunch bags}

Don't suffer the injustice of having your sandwich stolen again! Protect your
lunch with Anti-Theft Lunch Bags! These bags have green
splotches printed on both sides.. It's so hilarious..

{old drawings}

Porcelain doll concepts

{Baby cards by moi!}

Scalloped edge is die-cut and the bottom half is showing
the inside of the card..

{Perfect match}


How sweet is this necklace?

{post it!}


No more boring yellow stacks of post it notes!!
These are so fun and smart! They are def on my wish list!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

{Breaking into the greeting card biz!}

I have designed the one on the top for a friend a while ago, since then I added
2 more similar style designs.. and yes I have sold
these 3 as a set! pretty sweet!

{Lost painting}

I lost my portfolio about 6months ago..
It's the most terrifying thing you can imagine happening
to any artists out there.. The worst part is there were all original paintings inside.I am still emotionally attached to them.. sad.. If anyone saw this painting somewhere, please let me know,
and let them know this is mine!..

This is done in water color and colored pencils..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

{Only a great artist can..}

Sebastian Lester

NO, I meant, only a great artist can make this
word look so beautiful.. Well his name is Sebastian Lester,
a british type designer and typographic illustrator.. Check out his site!

{Afternoon nap anyone?}



{What's up, busy bee?}

Missing Q Press

Missing Q Press specializes in letter pressed paper products..
I love the way a letter pressed card feels in my hands;
extra thick paper with embossed letters.. love it!

{Thomaspaul plates}


Lovely, aren't they? This is a good inspiration for my dessert plate project..

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Cool bath plug!


I found this cute bath plug while I was researching for
Christmas desserts.. don't ask me how but this is absolutely adorable..
If i have a bath tub, yes i would spend $40 for a bath plug.. but i don't.. : (

{Speaking of Christmas..}

Rosanna days of Christmas plates

Very cute appetizer plates by Rosanna.. It seems like a lot of different website sell these..
I'm happy to see a new product that's nice and affordable..